At the beginning of the Christian calender, Jesus was born. But the old Angels and Demons predate him; there are no gods, just Angels and Demons who create the balance of life and death in the world. Their actions, both favourable and unfavourable, have been attributed to many gods and goddeses over the years—but behind it all, it is only them. 

These spirits are so old, in fact, that the Christian interpretation has watered them down. Their truth is no longer believed. As the belief has wavered, the Angels and Demons have become weaker; shadows of their former selves, trying to get enough believers to usher them back into their realms of Heaven and Hell. This is why the world is such a mess… their influence is waning. It’s 2012 and they are needed more than ever.

The Demons believe that fear is the greatest motivator.

They think that to get humans to believe in Angels and Demons again, they should be coerced, scared, and tortured into it. Get humans to sell their souls, give them vices, let them know horrors of the kind only the truly hellish can give. That fear will create believers and restore the Angels and Demons to their realms.

On the other hand, the Angels believe that love is the greatest motivator.

That through great acts of kindness, through miracles and fortunes, through hope—that is how people will come to believe again and restore them to their celestial realms. That is why some Angels are Guardians; some Angels will feel an undeniable pull toward a human, one that binds them together for the length of that human’s life. That is when the Angel knows that human is ‘his’ to protect and guide, to touch personally.


While the Angels and Demons wait to get back into Heaven and Hell where they can influence the world again, they have set up shop in America as a home-base. 

Los Angeles: City of Angels. This is the headquarters for all of the Angels stuck on the earthly plane. They are ruled by their King and Queen. Their King was elected before the dawn of time. Only when a King steps down will a re-election from all Angels be held. A King chooses his Queen. The King must be male. Below them, there are three groups of Angels, called Choirs. The First Choir, the Second Choir, and the Third Choir. Each Choir has a Herald, who assist and advise the King and Queen as well as delegate tasks to the rest of their Choir. The Herald is elected by their Choir by a majority vote.

Las Vegas: City of Sin. This is the headquarters for all of the Demons stuck on the earthly plane. They, too, are ruled by their King and Queen. Their King is chosen by force and battle. The strongest Demon is King. He chooses his Queen. A King CAN be female, but the title doesn’t change. SHE would be King. If her mate is male, he is called Kwen. Below them, there are three groups of Demons, called Throngs. The First Throng, the Second Throng, and the Third Throng. Each Throng has a Hunter, who assist and advise the King and Queen as well as delegate tasks to the rest of their Throng. The Hunter, however, is not voted in; it is a role taken by force, challenge, and competition.


Victorville, CA is the midway point between Las Vegas and Los Angeles. It has been chosen for the site of the Evandemon Convention, the year-long pilgrimage all Angels and Demons must make this year to try and figure out the future of the world and how to get more believers. Some Angels and Demons, very few, have been left behind at seat headquarters, but everyone down to the royalty has moved to Victorville for this year. Being directly in the middle, it’s the only place both sides could agree on.

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